Healthy Activities

Your pet gets PLENTY of exercise to maintain healthy weight and activity

Eliminate Stress

Helps eliminate separation anxiety, stress and destructive behavior at home


Socializing with other dogs improves happiness and makes your pet safer to have in public and with friends

Ameripet Hotel - Doggie Daycare

Absolutely the BEST way to get your pet daily exercise

Doggy Daycare

  • Our daycare is the absolute BEST way to get your pet daily exercise, lots of love and a chance to make tons of new friends! We have over an acre of outdoor play areas, including the largest turfed play area in the region so your pet can run to it’s hearts content.
  • Following an initial evaluation to make sure your pet is safe to play with other dogs, we take your dogs in supervised play groups up to 6x daily when they stay with us. Our staff are continuously training to make sure these groups are as safe as possible while providing the maximum fun.
  • Our staff get to know your pup so we can make sure they play in groups with other dogs that are perfect for their individual and unique personalities.
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Evaluation Day:

Evaluation Day: FREE
$30per day

Full Day

Full Day of Doggie Daycare: $26
$26010 days


10 Full Days of Doggie Daycare ($26 per day!)